Long we have waited in patience and longing,
For our hearts to enjoy this joy unparalleled,
To any other feeling we've ever experienced,
That we feel now when you are in our lives,
Your Baba and I,

We know our prayers have been answered,
Blessings showered upon us,
In the form you - our dear heaven sent angel,
And we hope to be loving parents,
Who will care, nurture and cherish you forever,
Your Baba and I,

We hope we will raise you right,
Teach you good values and right from wrong,
We hope we will motivate you, set good examples for you,
Help you be confident, purposeful and strong,
An individual of your own, a reflection of our bests,
Your Baba and I,

We pray for your wisdom and health,
Prosperity of both riches and mind,
As you move from infancy, childhood and adolescence,
Into an adulthood that promises infinity and beyond

All our love, all our prayers and blessings,
Are for you - our child, from
Your Baba and I

- Mumma