Our little miracle's tiny first beginnings

Diya's Ultrasound pictures.

Some names that we considered before Diya:

  1. Nia
  2. Ria
  3. Sasha
  4. Richa
  5. April
  6. Nidhi
  7. Meera
  8. Aushka 

Among many others!


Meaning of "Diya"

Diya means "light". For us she is the light that has showered our lives with brightness!

Light brings brightness,
Light brings warmth,
It ushers in a feeling of security, comfort and love,
It fills up our lives, our hearts and our souls with joy,
It makes our faces glow and makes life worthwhile,
It inspires, it motivates and challenges us to new highs,
It's a miracle, God's gift and nature's creation all in one.
Just like our new born baby - Diya